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Consumer Alpha is an exclusive service for investors who want to have access to well-researched and actionable insights on consumer and tech stocks with a very favorable risk/reward. the service highlights the most compelling opportunities we can find in our daily research activity. Whatever your investment style, you will find actionable research that can help your investment decisions.

The purpose of this service is to identify significant mispricings and exploitable opportunities in consumer-related industries, which include:

  • Sportswear;
  • Fashion and Luxury;
  • Media & Entertainment;
  • eCommerce;
  • Consumer Tech;

… and several others.

You will have access to all our favorite long and short ideas, including opportunities outside the United States and high-quality picks among small and mid-cap stocks.


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This without considering our top-performing picks, which are exclusive to Consumer Alpha subscribers and not available to the public. 


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·         Have exclusive access to our top stock picks, selected to generate absolute returns.

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·         Have a privileged view of consumer tastes, brand attractiveness and product performance, based on the analysis of a wide range of datasets and proprietary indicators.

·         Get extended versions of our free articles that include further analysis of the ideas we discuss on Seeking Alpha.  

·         Be part of a community of investors who know that research, patience and a thoughtful approach can produce market-beating returns.

·         Receive timely buy and sell alerts on the stocks we cover.

·         Have access to live chat board with us and other investors in the community, 24/7.

The current price is $35 per month or $280 per year (33% discount). Subscribers will be grandfathered from any price increase in the future. We think that the best way to understand if you can benefit from this service is to try it. That’s why we offer a 2-week free trial. We don’t know how long we will keep offering these trials, so if you are curious about the service, you should give a look at it now that free trials are available. 

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