Kenra Investors is an equity research firm that uses deep fundamental research and cutting-edge technology to select attractive investment opportunities in the stock market, with a particular focus on the consumer and tech sectors.

We combine the value and growth investing wisdom with the power of alternative data sets to stay ahead of the crowd and select opportunities with a favorable risk/reward. 

Our first rule is to minimize potential losses. Unlike many value investors who invest in apparently cheap stocks just to close half of their position at a big loss, we try to maximize the success rate by carefully analyzing each business from a qualitative perspective in order to detect visible potential catalysts, while a wide range of third-party and proprietary alternative datasets allow us to anticipate potential improvements in a company's fundamentals. 

We don't follow over-hyped names. Unlike many “growth" investors who bet on overhyped names with poor financials, we carefully select high-quality growth names that have defendable competitive strengths, clean financials, and an attractive valuation.